Sights to See

R.R. Smith Center for History and Artrrsmith

(Including Staunton Augusta Art Center) 
Restored railroad hotel, containing art and history exhibits.


American Shakespeare Center’s Blackfriars Playhouse**

The only re-creation of Shakespeare’s indoor playhouse in the world. Backstage tour and ongoing performances are available through the ASC.

Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Birthplace ** WWPL-300x223

Museum describing the life and important works of our 28th president. Tour of the birthplace available there.

StonewallJackson-300x201Stonewall Jackson Hotel and Conference Center *

Beautifully renovated downtown hotel, walking distance from many attractions, an attraction in itself

Victorian Architecture – T. J. Collins and Sons

Including Stonewall Jackson Building*, City Hall*, Clock Tower*, Marquis Building*, Switzer Building (“Wedding Cake Building”), Opera House/City Courthouse*, Augusta County Courthouse*

Suntrust-250x300National Valley Bank*

Bank & Bank Robbery Museum. Hear how Staunton recovered from the Civil War (Open only on weekdays)

Sunspots-300x274Sunspots *

Glass blowing studio & showroom, offering live demonstrations**

Mary Baldwin CollegeMBC-300x177

Liberal arts college for women, including buildings of the former Staunton Military Academy, SMA-VWIL Museum*

TrinityGardenTrinity Church*

Tiffany windows, Revolutionary War Virginia Assembly fled here

StuartHall-300x217Stuart Hall School *

Private school, K-12, once headed by Flora Stuart, widow of J.E.B.Stuart, Civil War officer.

TheOaks-300x177The Oaks

Home of Jedediah Hotchkiss, Stonewall Jackson’s mapmaker and boyhood home of Francis Collins, Director of NIH and former director of the Human Genome Project

Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind
Founded 1839, beautiful architechture, Civil War Hospital

Home of Edward Echols, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia

Cabell-300x268Cabell log cabin

Only remaining building in city with exposed logs.


Public art *
From the “super-sized” to the sublime.

White Star Mills
Flour mill until recent times, now a restaurant

Wharf area

Restored train station* and hotel* and restaurants*

Stuart House
Beautiful private home built in 1791

Dixie Theater
Historic Downtown movie theater, now closed, soon to be a performing arts center

Temple House of Israel
Home of our Jewish synagogue

ThornroseNoLines-300x197Thornrose Cemetery *

Beautiful historic cemetery with section for Confederate dead

Statler Brothers
Venue, tribute, and former complex.

gYPSYEXPRESSGypsy Hill Park * and Pump House
Beautiful municipal park with many attractions

Stonewall Brigade Band
Oldest municipally funded band in the country

African-American Churches
Two designed by T.J.Collins

StFrancis-178x300St. Francis Catholic Church*
Beautiful church designed by member T.J.Collins

Antique dealers
Find your own “find”

Jumbo Fire Engine*
Staunton’s first motorized fire engine from 1911, restored, the only one like it remaining.

frontier cultureFrontier Culture Museum **

Not on the downtown tour
Four 17th-19th century farms from Europe and America, working blacksmith forge.

*  Interior usually open for visitors

** Site tour available

Much of this information comes from the Historic Staunton Foundation.


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