Civil War Tour

Augusta County played a significant role in the Civil War. At the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, the area saw battles, produced heroes, and created stories that resonate to this day.

The Civil War full day tour can include:

  • The Stonewall Jackson Prayer Oak site
  • Piedmont Battlefield sites
  • Staunton National Cemetery
  • Several Jed Hotchkiss sites
  • Thornrose Cemetery
  • The Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind
  • Plumb House Museum in Waynesboro

Also included are other homes and churches in the southern and western parts of the county, dutch treat lunch in Staunton, and a more detailed narrative of the role the area played in the war.

DRIVING TOURS – Full day tours are available, in our vehicle.

20160612_191939Mike McCray taught history in Augusta County for forty years. He has written on local history often in the past, and is continuing to do so in retirement. Born and raised here, he lives on the farm his grandparents began in the 1920s. He is a working musician, avid fisherman and huge baseball fan. He currently serves on the board of the Augusta County Historical Society.

For  information about Civil War activities visit the Shenandoah At War website and  Virginia’s Civil War Sesquicentennial website.

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Full Day Tour, in your vehicle. Fee is $195 for one, plus $50 for each additional passenger.


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